Friday, October 31

Remember this? It's just a shell game

Earlier this year, when Ron Paul was still a presidential candidate and few in the MSM (megalomaniacal sadistic media) took him seriously, he posed a question to McCain, to which McCain responded as if he were without a clue.

REP. PAUL: My -- my question is for Senator McCain.

This is an economic question that I wanted to ask. It has to do with the President's Working Group on Financial Markets.

I'd like to know what your opinion is of this and whether you would keep it in place, what their role would be, or you would get rid of this group. And if you kept the group, would you make sure we would see some sunlight and know what they're doing and how they're being involved in our markets?

SEN. MCCAIN: Well, obviously we'd like to see more sunshine.

But I as president, as every other president, rely primarily on my secretary of the Treasury, on my Council of Economic Advisers, on the head of that. I would rely on the circle that I have developed over many years of people like Jack Kemp, Phil Gramm, Warren Rudman, Pete Peterson and the Concord group. I have a process of leadership, Ron, that is sort of an inclusive one that I have developed, a circle of acquaintances and people that are supporters and friends of mine who I have worked with for many, many years.

REP. PAUL: So you'd get rid of the group?

SEN. MCCAIN: You remember back in 1982 when Phil Gramm -- Phil Gramm and Warren Rudman and Gramm-Latta and all of those people got the first real tax cuts done, the real -- first real restraints in taxes. I was there. You were there. And I rely on those people to a much larger degree than any, quote, "formal" organization, although the secretary of Treasury is obviously one of the key and important posts that I would have.
Well, we all know that government has been busy of late, with their prevarications:
To keep up appearances, particularly in an election year, the Paulson "Plunge Protection Team" has been authorized by presidential order to use U.S. taxpayer money to manipulate markets to make them appear healthier than they are, and lately it has been working overtime. But official assurances of a "soft landing" are mere window dressing, aimed at preventing another worldwide depression as home buyers and stock market investors continue to stampede for the exits.
Here's the bottom line on Paulson's $ 700 billion blank check according to John Dunbar, The Associated Press: "First, the $700 billion rescue for the economy was about buying devalued mortgage-backed securities from tottering banks to unclog frozen credit markets. Then it was about using $250 billion of it to buy stakes in banks. The idea was that banks would use the money to start making loans again. But reports surfaced that bankers might instead use the money to buy other banks, pay dividends, give employees a raise and executives a bonus, or just sit on it."
And the administration is supposedly leaning heavy on banks to loan money. Get it out into the market to help the people, they claim.

Yeah, right. All the noble sounding reasons the politicos provided to support such a canard upon the public don't hold water now that this stimulus package becomes fleshed out. Can anyone really think this bailout was really about saving jobs, businesses and the middle class in the first place? If government is not your friend then it's your...


Thursday, October 30

Reaction to early election returns...

Scattered vandalism was reported as revelry continued into the early morning hours Thursday before police began breaking up the thinning crowds.

Windows were smashed at a bank and luggage store in the downtown shopping district and at least either of businesses Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said Thursday. At least three cars were overturned, the windows of a TV van were smashed, dozens of huge streetside planters were flipped over and some bus shelters were damaged or destroyed.
Sorry, my bad. I thought it was an Obamanation. Just some Phillies fans.

Friday, October 17

Third Party Debate

If you haven’t gotten your fill of presidential debates after watching the McCain-Obama match-up this evening, mark your calendar for Sunday night.

That’s when Free and Equal.Org, a group formed to encourage third-party candidacies, is promoting a debate at the Columbia Political Union at Columbia University in New York for all six candidates seeking the presidency. The group is pretty much resigned to the fact that neither Senator John McCain nor Senator Barack Obama will be there.

But Chuck Baldwin will be. Curiously, Libertarian Bob Barr won't be. Apparently he refuses to debate anyone but Ralph Nader. He dodges Ron Paul's third party press conference and now this. I think we found our maverick.

Hopefully CSPAN will televise it live.

Thursday, October 16

Caldwell/Kelsey '08

I witnessed one of the most remarkable speeches today on a local college campus. There are political campaigns with stump speeches which drone on with mundane promises stirring nothing but bowel movements, and then there's Michael Caldwell, unlikely candidate for President of these United States, promising to build a fence around Oklahoma and raise their tax rate to 85% while giving the rest of the country a free ride. Speaking of free, the lines about freedom lifted right out of Mel Gibson's Braveheart were inspiring. Obama couldn't have delivered them better. Who needs an expensive speech writer when dozens of cool speeches are already out on the web, ready to be surfed up. And who needs pricey signs and balloons. Buy the hearts and minds of the people with free candy bars and a $25 gas card.

He may only be 20 years old, but since when has Constitutional limits stopped anyone yet from reaching their political potential? Term limits? We won't need 'em after his coronation. Michael Caldwell, a lone, clear voice amidst the din of political pestilence. Michael Caldwell, a young man who needs our help, and an Armani suit. Michael Caldwell, taking the poly out of polyticks and giving the rest to the dogs.

Yeah, Michael Caldwell and Brett Kelsey. After they're elected, every man gets a government issue reciprocating saw. (Take it from me, you had to be there.)

The sound you hear is the chambering of a round

"We're not just going to win an election, but we're going to transform a nation" - Obama

I don't care about Obama's race. He's a Marxist and he shows it every time he opens his mouth, whatever color it is.

Confederacy fought to keep slaves? The Battle Flag is racist? The War of Southron Independence is a "lost cause"?

"The right to secede may be a revolutionary one, but it exists nevertheless; and we do not see how one party can have a right to do what another party has a right to prevent. We must ever resist the asserted right of any State to remain in the Union and nullify or defy the laws thereof; to withdraw from the Union is another matter. And when a section of our Union resolves to go out, we shall resist any coercive acts to keep it in. We hope never to live in a Republic where one section is pinned to the other section by bayonets." -

Horace Greeley, New York Tribune

Just try to transform this!

Simple cause and effect

Sarah Palin makes a stop on the campaign bus at a Wal-Mart in Gallipolis, OH with her son trig in mind...

“It was so exciting,” said Pat Miller of Patriot, accompanied by her daughter Amber, a student at South Gallia High School. “She seemed to be very sweet, and if she could stop and take the time to buy some diapers for her son, it tells you that for her, family is first.”

Curious how everything becomes a political message.

Tells me that she wants a place to put the kid's crap.

Wednesday, October 15

Only God can

Following the financial gesticulations of the Bush administration have become a daily affair of late. Bailout after bailout for the last few months and now this:

Big banks started falling in line Tuesday behind a rejiggered bailout plan that will have the government forking over as much as $250 billion in exchange for partial ownership—putting the world's bastion of capitalism and free markets squarely in the banking business.

Some early signs were hopeful for the latest in a flurry of radical efforts to save the nation's financial system: Credit was a bit easier to come by. And stocks were down but not alarmingly so after Monday's stratospheric leap.

The new plan, President Bush declared, is "not intended to take over the free market but to preserve it."
I just never get enough of Bush logic, preserve something by undermining its integrity. Next they'll tell us we don't need rockets to go to the moon we'll just float there.

But then as I ran across an article called The Federal Reserve & The Fiat Monetary System recently which seems to explain in simple terms the workings of the system, I was reminded that the emperor has no clothes:
The fiat money system is not backed by anything physical (it has no intrinsic value), such as a precious metals like Gold or Silver.

The money is printed out of thin air by the Federal Reserve, who controls the nations monetary system and they are accountable to no one. The Federal Reserve has no budget, it is not subject to an audit, and no Congressional Committee knows of, or can truly supervise its operations.
Note the words, "no intrinsic value". Federal Reserve Notes are just debt, a vacuum, created by a banking system, on pieces of paper, which aren't really worth anything. So in a strange sort of way I suppose Bush is preserving something, a charade.

As a fascinating side note, this piece mentioned something called the Credit River case:
In 1969 there was a Minnesota Court Case involving a man by the name of Jerome Daly. He challenged the foreclosure of his home by the bank who provided the loan in the first place. His argument was that the mortgage contract, required both parties, each put up a legitimate form of property for the exchange. Mr Daly explained that the money was not the property of the bank for it was created out of nothing as soon as the loan agreement was signed.
I wanted to know more, looked it up and the case really does exists. Mr. Daly, a lawyer, represented himself and won the case on the grounds that the bank provided no consideration, nothing of value, for the loan, but simply made an accounting entry to reflect the loan amount. The same thing other federal reserve member banks have done and continue to do. One particular statement in the memorandum of summary judgment by Judge Mahoney was telling:
The money and credit first came into existance when they created it. Mr. Morgan (the president of the First National Bank of Montgomery, MN which issued the mortgage) admitted that no United States Law or Statute existed which gave him the right to do this. A lawful consideration must exist and be tendered to support the Note. See Anheuser-Busch Brewing Co. v. Emma Mason, 44 Minn. 318, 46 N.W. 558. The Jury found there was no lawful consideration and I agree. Only God can created [sic] something of value out of nothing (emphasis mine)
Only God can create something of value out of nothing. Only God can. Government says, "Let there be $800 billion", and so there is. What $800 billion is worth is an entirely different story.

Monday, October 13

Shangmail: Violating intelligence

Years ago, when I first gave my life to Christ and became born again, I received bible training through a charismatic fellowship in New Orleans. In the intervening years since my initial salvation, my theology has changed. Anyone devoted to serious bible study or inquiry of God should hardly expect not to have some of their theological concepts at least challenged if not overturned. The foundations of Christian faith are always true (Hebrews 6:1,2), it's the peripheral doctrines which some faithful churches and theologians dispute.

One such doctrine is that of prophesy in the church. The teaching I received from the fellowship I mentioned was that prophesy wasn't just a dispensation to the early church that died out with the apostles, but that the Holy Spirit continues to speak to the church through prophesy now. I still believe that and have heard what I would consider authentic prophesies first hand. But to dispute the validity of prophesy with anyone who believed otherwise would be pointless. Prophesy is secondary to salvation and sanctification and, in my view, prophesy has more to do with the listener than the person giving the prophetic, in much the same way people choose to follow financial advice from one of a myriad of financial gurus. 1 John 4:1 states that we are to test the spirits. The bible knows whereof it speaks. All sorts of spirits can speak from some of the most familiar or unlikely people.

With this in mind, I give you Julie Meyer, Republican prophetess. Her "utterance" makes me wonder if she wasn't a McCainiac running mate selection advisor.

I've transcribed some of what Ms. Meyer said so that it can be readily understood sans the emotion. As follows:

"Intecession will tip the scales for his ticket. For the Lord says the elections of 2008, they will not be bought with a price. For the elections of 2008, they will not be won out of popularity. But this and this alone will tip the scales, "if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways. Then I will hear from Heaven, and I will forgive and I will heal. Because I'm giving you the key, and the key is a cry for mercy. Because in America the cry for change has been louder than the cry for mercy. And when the cry for mercy is louder than the cry for cry for change it will tip the scales for my ticket. Everybody has had their eye on the number one spot. But I've had my eye on number two. Because this year it's about number two. I've set a Deborah in the place and if you will pray it will tip the scales for my ticket..."

If you've watched and listened to the video, there's no sense in continuing from there as it just gets more ridiculous. As a Christian believer, I find this sham laughable, embarrassing, pathetic and dangerous. It's laughable that Ms. Meyer considers to speak for God having a political "ticket". She makes the church a theater of the absurd as she practices her "gift". It's embarrassing she would confuse believers who shouldn't otherwise be confused about their faith. It's a pathetically heavy-handed attempt to sway political consciences. Finally, it's dangerous not only because it's arguably blasphemous, but essentially because it trivializes God and His values. Broad is the way that leads to destruction (Matthew 7:13) and acceptance of prophesy on a broad scale can lead there too. Intelligence and religious fervor compete on occasion.

And this isn't the only instance of religious McCainiac fervor. Try this from a praying minister on the campaign trail:

"I would also pray, Lord, that your reputation is involved in all that happens between now and November, because there are millions of people around this world praying to their god--whether it's Hindu, Buddha, Allah--that his opponent wins, for a variety of reasons," said the minister delivering it. "And Lord, I pray that you will guard your own reputation, because they're going to think that their God is bigger than you, if that happens. So I pray that you will step forward and honor your own name with all that happens between now and election day."
So it seems the times for the McCainiacs are desperate. He's losing ground in key swing states and even given up the close race on others. Time to pray he gets elected, even prophesy such to call people to their "spiritual" duty. Again, the arguments mount up to not sin, but vote correctly..."God says so". It's not wrong, though, to intelligently discern that there is no Godly choice between the two. Sometimes God doesn't have to speak to be understood. Sometimes you just use your head.

Thursday, October 9

To think about the church

If Christianity is to receive a rejuvenation it must be by other means than any now being used. If the church in the second half of [the twentieth] century is to recover from the injuries she suffered in the first half, there must appear a new type of preacher. The proper, ruler-of-the-synagogue type will never do. Neither will the priestly type of man who carries out his duties, takes his pay and asks no questions, nor the smooth-talking pastoral type who knows how to make the Christian religion acceptable to everyone. All these have been tried and found wanting. Another kind of religious leader must arise among us. He must be of the old prophet type, a man who has seen visions of God and has heard a voice from the Throne. When he comes he will stand in flat contradiction to everything our smirking, smooth civilization holds dear. He will contradict, denounce and protest in the name of God and will earn the hatred and opposition of a large segment of Christendom.

- A. W. Tozer

Tuesday, October 7


Pope Benedict XVI says the global financial crisis show the futility of money and ambition. Benedict says "the only solid reality is the word of God."
There may be points of disagreement I have with the pope and Catholicism in general, but upon this I most heartily agree.

Government leaders and economists expect me to believe in an economy comprised of regulations, financial rewards and "back room" deals, while they gainsay God Who died on a cross and rose from the dead so that mankind might have eternal life. There's is no reality.