Saturday, November 1

Not so subtle hints

Ahead in the national polls, Obama made his charge as he campaigned in a traditionally Republican state where he has invested heavily in hopes of collecting 13 electoral votes. He is spending far more on television advertising in Virginia than McCain and has 50 offices statewide. The trip was his seventh here since wrapping up the Democratic nomination in June.

Still, in a state that once boasted the capital of the Confederacy, Obama's campaign indicated it understands the challenge involved in trying to elect the nation's first black president.
David Espo, AP writer of this piece, is obviously bigoted. Anyone who puts "capital of the confederacy" and "nation's first black president" in the same sentence is making the inference that the Confederacy was racist. The only innuendos missing were those about Southrons being ignorant rednecks, driving pickups, waving battle flags and keeping the negros down.

It's OK, though. I'm sure some of Espo's best friends are negros.


Jodi said...

You know what they say about stereotypes.

Jodi said...

P.S. The thought did occur to me that this article is something that really upsets you. I didn't mean for that other comment to sound hurtful if it did.

Elmo Q. Shangnaster said...

Actually, Jodi, it doesn't upset me, and I know you well enough not to think you were being hurtful. No apology required.

I'm not upset about the article either. I just know there are ignorant imbeciles like this everywhere who draw these kind of racist parallels about the Confederacy all the time and know nothing about history, that's all. An instance of a fool professing them self as wise.

Triton said...

I believe there is a memorial for a black Confederate on some college campus in Virginia somewhere. Somehow I doubt Obama will be paying any respects to that particular Negro.

Elmo Q. Shangnaster said...

no doubt, Triton