Tuesday, November 4

And what was that about wasted votes?

Fox News quoted a statistic from exit polling about Indiana white evangelical voters tonight.

According to exit polling, and I know exit polling is somewhat unreliable, white evangelicals, and I know defining evangelicals is a challenge, voted for Obama, who's a Marxist who doesn't know an abortion technique he doesn't like, in the neighborhood of 31%...


And idiotic Christians would try to lay the blame for McCain going down in flames at the feet of people like me for voting third party? And in Indiana 31% of them voted for Obama? There's 11% of them in Georgia and 9% of them in Alabama? I WISH Chuck Baldwin would get even 11% of the white, evangelical Georgia vote!

I don't want to hear any of the stupid arguments about my third party vote being wasted when 11% of white evangelical Georgians don't even have the intelligence of a hammer to vote for the infanticidal Obama.