Monday, November 3

Georgians, remember this tomorrow and vote to heal.

“We commend those members of the U.S. House of Representatives who put their country first to vote for this important legislation. Make no mistake, none of us were happy to find our economy being assailed by the failed financial decisions of unscrupulous Wall Street executives and none of us wanted this rescue proposal to cost so much. However, this financial crisis has cost people their jobs and put small businesses at risk. It has ransacked individual retirement accounts and frozen the credit available for businesses, home purchases and car purchases. Main Street was feeling the breath squeezed out of them, and we could not simply turn a blind eye and hope for the best. This may be the most significant vote many of us will ever take and we know our support of this measure was the right thing to do for our children and grandchildren, for Georgians and for our country. With this action, our economy and our people can begin to heal.

Saxby wants Georgians to forget what he and Isakson did. Saxby and Isakson ought to be ransacked themselves for this.

But Georgians will re-elect this b!@^!%$. Georgians will get what they deserve, and I'll suffer along with the masses because Georgia is where God has me.