Friday, November 7

A future and a hope

Of all the things I've read and heard since the election of Tuesday, this is by far the most important and significant statement anyone's made...

Since it's now far too late to salvage the USA in its present form, the important thing is to build for the future. If there's one thing certain about dysfunctional societies, it is that they are doomed to collapse. Therefore it is much more important to focus on building a foundation for future freedom than to chase after yesterday's vanished liberties. Having children and teaching them well is the single most significant and revolutionary act any individual can reasonably hope to achieve at this time.

After a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, there is no doubt in my mind that in that one sentence Vox Day has encapsulated the only lasting hope of a free society. We neglect our progeny to our own peril.

The statement he makes following is also significant...
The short-term battle is over and the USSA is upon us. But it will be a short-lived entity by virtue of the Invisible Hand's iron fist; the only real question is if its successor will be the North American Union or a collection of rump-states of widely varying social structures. Five years ago, I would have assumed the former, but now, given the increasing devolution in Europe and chaos in Mexico, the latter is looking rather less improbable than before.
He's right. Geopolitical boundaries aren't set in stone. The changes (Oh, how tired I am of hearing that word.) coming will make the U.S. completely unrecognizable to our parents.