Friday, September 19

My thoughts

I was on Facebook and gave a reply to a question about not voting for either of the major party candidates. Just thought I'd post it here for my own enjoyment as I considered it one of my better monologues.

No, I'm not an anarchist libertarian...yet, but I can see how not voting has some worthy principle.

"So then what is the solution? (not trying to be bratty, just curious what your thoughts are)"
Of course you're being bratty. It's OK to be bratty. Why excuse yourself? But I'll bite and answer the question.

Short answer: DON'T VOTE. Yes, in short, make your voice heard by its absence. And don't mistake not voting for apathy because there are plenty who don't register and not all who are registered don't vote out of convenience. The only good reason I see to continuing to be registered to vote is participation in jury selection. Jury selection is but one arena where the individual can make a difference in a republic. And yes, I advocate the time honored position of jury nullification.

If that doesn't make sense then at the very least vote third party. Alan Keyes is the American Independent Party candidate and Chuck Baldwin is a good candidate running under the Constitution Party. Even Bob Barr running as the Libertarian Party candidate is an alternative. Voting for a Democrat or Republican, in virtually every case, is a vote for less. Less Constitutional government, less personal liberty, less freedom, less government accountability to the electorate. I say "virtually" because in March I enthusiastically voted for Ron Paul as an exception. That should be a clear indication of my political inclinations.

Face it. The country is in deep trouble on several fronts. Obama won't fend it off and neither will McCain. The public is being duped, lulled into a false sense of security that those candidates will somehow make things better. Forget the calls for change and reform, they're empty. Personally, I think we've forgone our innocence. 50 million murders in the womb mean nothing to God? Don't make me sick. Call me a cynic, but the ONLY hope is in a Lord Who reigns supreme. And collectively we've rejected that hope. So collectively we'll get what we deserve. Wrath. Do I want it or have some macabre enjoyment seeing the country go in this direction? No, but with God's grace and help I'll endure it. So my long term answer is the same as it has always been...

Long answer: JESUS