Sunday, September 21

As Ron Paul sees it

The $700 billion dollar bailout...

It's just incredible. Words fail me to describe what's happening. I'd say it was insane but they know exactly what they're doing.

God save us from ourselves, God have mercy.


David Leggett said...

Is it just me, or has Ron Paul had more mainstream coverage in the past month than the entire primaries?

Elmo Q. Shangnaster said...

Perhaps you're right, but it's not enough and too late. No one seemed to listen to him last year when he warned of this from the floor of the House. As time goes by he seems more prophetic, but who do we have as presidential candidates? It's madness.

When I vote for Chuck Baldwin it won't be a "wasted vote" because I'll have a clear conscience.

David Leggett said...

What about 20 years ago?

That's the only logical vote to me (not specifically that candidate of course — I mean the one who represents you). I can't understand the gambling/betting logic behind the elections. The other day, I was actually told that I was voting for McCain by not voting Obama by one person, while at the same time another person told me that I was voting for Obama since I wasn't voting for McCain.

To be fair, it was really the media speaking and not them. When I asked what issues they opposed that the other candidate supported, they told me they hadn't looked that far into it.

Elmo Q. Shangnaster said...

It's part of the "voting against" argument, along with the "lesser of evils" and "wasted vote" arguments, that I hear and read of so much, and it defies simple arithmetic.

If I don't vote at all it means one less vote counted, period. It would be as if a baseball player would be accused of scoring a run for the opposing team if he didn't score a run for his own.

Ron Paul and others have been warning us of this for years. $700 billion bailouts don't happen without repercussions either. I expect, after the elections have been in the books, for there to be a call for higher taxes to "pay for" the charade. Clinton preached a low tax gospel and did a turnabout in his first term. Expect Obama to do the same, if he makes it that far.

In an election year when the Democrats should have it in their back pockets, their leader is virtually even with the Republican. The man is clueless.

Triton said...

Well, I live in Georgia, which is not a swing state, so I just tell people that my vote wouldn't really matter anyway. Even if 5% of the voters here went for a third party, McCain would still win comfortably.