Friday, August 29

Wisin' up

We just got a call from Devline Rossell, a charter captain based out of Venice, Louisiana. He was shopping in New Orleans to get some supplies before the arrival of Gustav (currently listed as a tropical storm that has left at least 22 dead in the Caribbean) and reported that the item most in demand was not food, clothing or shelter.

“I just left a sporting goods store and you would think that the number-one selling item would be plywood or potable water or gasoline right now,” he said. “Apparently it is AR-15s and .223 ammo. I watched at least 20 people buy AR-15s and cases of .223.”

Can’t say I’m surprised. After the nightmare that was Katrina I think it would be unwise for anyone to assume the state, local or federal government could guarantee his or her personal safety during a natural disaster. Of course, I think it is foolish to assume that under any circumstance.

The AR buying spree demonstrates that people don’t think of it as an “assault weapon” but rather an arm that is ideally suited for self-defense, which it is. I also suspect that for some of the folks this is their first firearm. Goes to show that not only is there no such thing as an atheist in a foxhole but that there is no such thing as a gun-control advocate in one either.
It might take a disaster or two, but eventually common sense comes into play and people, particularly those in South Louisiana who've been well acquainted with a disaster of the catastrophic sort, will take action. Sorry to say people assume government guarantees safety in calm times too. Indeed, as one commenter stated at this blog, "If guns are so bad, why do cops use them?" The right to defend oneself is a fundamental freedom.

Authorities issued the warning Friday as new forecasts made it increasingly clear that New Orleans will get some kind of hit — direct or indirect — as early as Monday.

And those among New Orleans' 310,000 residents who ignore orders to leave accept "all responsibility for themselves and their loved ones," said the city's emergency preparedness director, Jerry Sneed.
To which I respond, fine then, back away, don't repeat the unlawful police raids from Katrina and leave them and their guns alone.


Triton said...

The cops would have to be really stupid to try and repeat the crap they did during Katrina. But you never know...

I can't believe that guy saw twenty people buying AR-15's while he was in the store. That's apocalyptic stuff there.

If Gustav brings lots of mud and muck, though, they'll wish they'd bought AK's instead. ;)

Elmo Q. Shangnaster said...

Lol on the AKs. For sure!