Saturday, August 9

People are stupid

People are stupid. I'll admit I've been and still am. If I'm not so dull as the average it's because I know representatives of government, like this cop, take advantage of the stupid for their own gain. It is better to say nothing than something.

Several months ago I got a rather large envelope in the mail from the American Community Survey. The ACS asks for such personal things as employment information of those in the household and even commuting distances, as if the IRS doesn't already know such things. After opening and scanning the material I ripped it up and threw it away. As I recall, a non-response on my part constituted a follow-up submission by them of another package of the same material within three weeks of the first. It arrived. I trashed it as well. Later I got a call from one of these people, a woman, to carry out their toothless threat.

Another month is coming, and another 250,000 forms are being mailed out in the U.S. Census Bureau's perpetual American Community Survey, which demands responses to personal questions about a family's lifestyle, housing accommodations, work schedules, physical and mental disabilities, income and the like.

That means roughly 250,000 times recipients will see the warning that participation is required by law, and there are penalties including fines for not answering each question. But, in fact, U.S. Census Bureau officials say they've never had anyone prosecuted for refusing to provide those intimate details to the government.
Ultimately, I answered the questions to satisfy. They may not have been thoroughly accurate answers, one man's dream is another man's reality after all, but since when are they interested in the truth anyway, as the cop in this video attests. If I had known of this piece in WND I would've called their bluff and waited for the next shoe to drop at my front door, which I've seen wouldn't have happened anyway.

It has taken me some time to recover from the delusion that agents and officers of government are honest and sincere. The system isn't made to work that way. Laws aren't made to punish the bad. Laws are made to make more criminals out of the stupid.