Friday, December 14

The Huckster panders

Here's what Huckabee had to say at the Republican Univision debate, as in Mexican, South of the border...

I agree with the mayor that the first step is a secure border, because otherwise nothing really matters. But I do think the pathway has to include people going to the back, not the front of the line. There can’t be an amnesty policy, because that’s an insult to all the people who waited, sometimes, ridiculously, for years, just to be able to make the transition here. I think a reasonable window of time in which a person would go back to the native country, start the process, but the real challenge is that our government, which has failed miserably in all of this - it’s got to get its act together. When people come to this country, they shouldn’t fear. They shouldn’t live in hiding. They ought to have their heads up, because the one thing about being an American is, we believe every person ought to have his or her head up and proud, and nobody should have to be in hiding because they’re illegal when our government ought to make it so that people can reasonably come here in a legal fashion.(bold my emphasis)
One could read that to mean Huckabee thinks illegals are ashamed of themselves but shouldn't be. Somehow the Huckster must have missed the news reports last year...
"The sleeping giant is awake -- wide awake -- and we're paying close attention," said Jaime Contreras, president of the National Capital Immigration Coalition, one of the groups involved in organizing the demonstrations.

The protests began in the morning in communities on the East Coast, then spread across the country throughout the day and continued into the evening.

Two of the largest demonstrations were held in Washington, D.C., and Phoenix, Arizona. Organizers said 500,000 attended the event in Washington and 200,000 in Phoenix, although police did not provide official crowd estimates.
I suppose the Huckster's remedy is to relieve their guilt by relieving the illegalities.

Don't trust the Huckster.