Sunday, December 31

We can only hope so

There's always an end of year poll. This year some see hope.

_35 percent predict the military draft will be reinstated.

_35 percent predict a cure for cancer will be found.

_25 percent anticipate the second coming of Jesus Christ.
End the madness, Lord. Maranatha.

I'm making changes.

Saturday, December 30

One of my New Year resolutions

I'm gonna get me a Taurus to go with my other implements of destruction.

Thursday, December 28

It's my weapon, stupid

I know that despite all the anecdotal evidence available there will still be those gun control nut cases who'll speak of how much better off we'd all be if there were fewer of them. Hollywood know-nothings like Barbara Streisand, et al, who think guns are too dangerous in the hands of the "little people", while she has a cadre of body guards, who wouldn't flinch to pull a weapon on some deranged fan.

Still, I like reading news like this....

Three men who broke into homes in the Albuquerque, N.M., area in the last month were shot dead by homeowners, and police say they hope would-be robbers take the hint.

The latest incident involved Raymond Gabaldon, 40, a repeat offender, who, police say, stole a car and then tried to break into a home in southwest Albuquerque.

"Hopefully this is going to send a message to people who are breaking into homes," Albuquerque police spokeswoman Trish Hoffman told the Albuquerque Tribune. "They're engaging in very dangerous behavior, not only to the people they're robbing, but to themselves."

None of the three homeowners involved in the shootings have been charged, though the cases are still under review by law enforcement.
Yeah, let's hope police departments across the country get the message too. I don't care who breaks into the privacy of a home, be they burglars or SWAT, residents have a right to defend themselves. Check the house for drugs if you want, and make a surprise visit if you dare, but if you first don't announce yourself and get the attention of those in the domicile, then expect to get a heated welcome.

Glad to know the flunkies in this piece found the muzzle of someone's piece. Sorry to hear about those that only get wounded. Maybe they'll get taught a better lesson in gun control next time.

It may seem harsh, it may seem cruel, but if I've got an intruder in my house I MIGHT give 'em one last chance to call on God before I deliver them to the Almighty. But if the opportunity isn't there, then one of us is going to see Jesus, up front and personal, as fast as the blink of an eye or the pull of the trigger. And lest anyone should wonder how could such a peace loving, gentle heart, abiding joy Christian like myself take such a position, then I would simply point to the Bible as being a big book, with many, many, many things of which to speak. I quote...
If the thief is found breaking in, and he is struck so that he dies, there shall be no guilt for his bloodshed.-Exodus 22:2

Wednesday, December 27

They're not yo mamma

As plans stand, the Army Corps of Engineers is not likely to advocate spending $1.6 billion to build higher levees in south Plaquemines. Those who stay will have to raise their homes up 14 feet to be eligible for federal flood insurance.

The master plan to be finalized in 2007 also envisages making diversions in the Mississippi to slow erosion, which would put fresh water into the salt water estuary and possibly endanger the world-famous seafood and fishing at the heart of Plaquemines.

"From day one, I felt like the government officials didn't want us down here anymore," said Lonnie Hamilton, 59, head of the three-generation oystering clan.
Over and over again the stories of families defiant to the impediments Mother Government places in the path of Hurricane Katrina recovery comes out of South Louisiana. I don't expect the government to spend billions in levees. Nor do I expect federal handouts in the way of FEMA trailers or flood insurance. I do expect government to just get out of our lives and especially the lives of the people of Louisiana. If they would truly help they could start by wiping out unconstitutional fed regulations, destroying the IRS and deporting their agents.
These people in Empire and all across South Louisiana are capable handling their own lives. It's the feds we don't want anymore.

Tuesday, December 26

The free wheelin' week

"Cursed is the ground for your sake; In toil you shall eat of it all the days of your life." -Genesis 3:17
It's the one week of the year that I prefer not to take off the job. Work slows, managers vacate and generally the merry-go-round of traffic is most bearable. Although it's just four days it is among the most pleasant four in the work year.

Traffic is a curse because the motor vehicle is a curse because the internal combustion engine is a curse because oil is a curse, delivered to us by multi-national corporations which have not an ounce of human sensitivity. All of the things produced by the petroleum industry, gasoline, oil, natural gas, etc., only bring about more stress and misery. Is is a self perpetuating disease. The more a people has it the more it wants and the more it wants the more entrenched into the, pardon the pun, clutches of the curse it becomes. Anyone who owns or has use of a car knows that the convenience lures one into its dependence. And so traffic becomes the ultimate blight upon a civilized society, if it could even remain so characterized. People stressfull, anxious and angry. Road rage is the rage.

Oh, how I hate traffic.

Friday, December 22

"As Christians, we have no future here"

All is quiet in Bethlehem. On Manger Square, the Church of the Nativity stands in the pale gloom of dusk, its doors open to passing pilgrims.

But inside, the nave is empty of visitors and the collection boxes depleted of coins.

In the candlelit grotto downstairs, a silver star marks the spot where Jesus is supposed to have been born.

It is one of the most sacred sites in Christendom, but there are no tourists queuing to see it.

Just 500 yards down the road, Joseph Canawati is not looking forward to Christmas.

The expansive lobby of his 77-room Hotel Alexander is empty and he says: "There is no hope for the future of the Christian community.

"We don't think things are going to get better. For us, it is finished."

Life for Palestinian Christians such as 50-year-old Joseph has become increasingly difficult in Bethlehem - and many of them are leaving.

The town's Christian population has dwindled from more than 85 per cent in 1948 to 12 per cent of its 60,000 inhabitants in 2006.

There are reports of religious persecution, in the form of murders, beatings and land grabs.

Meanwhile, the breakdown in security is putting off tourists, leading to economic hardship for Christians, who own most of the town's hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops.

The situation has become so desperate that the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, and Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor, the head of the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales, are to lead a joint delegation to Bethlehem this week to express their solidarity with the beleaguered Christian populace.

The town, according to the Cardinal, is being "steadily strangled".

The sense of a creeping Islamic fundamentalism is all around in Bethlehem.
What if it weren't the Muslims surrounding us? What if our own government surrounds us and subjects us to oppression and slavery? What if the very thing written of here becomes of Christians in this the U.S. of A?

It won't be long now. Ready to give our lives as Christ died for His church.

Wednesday, December 20

Of titles and crowns

I've heard it said many times that Jesus Himself wouldn't be welcome in many of today's American churches. I don't think most of His church would recognize Him if He quietly walked in the front door, but maybe He could win a seat in parliament.

Lawmakers have drawn up a resolution naming Jesus Christ as the honorary king of Poland, but have failed to win support from the country's powerful Roman Catholic church.... "Let parliament deal with passing better laws that we need," Gdansk Archbishop Tadeusz Goclowski said. "This kind of action, although it may stem from good will, sounds a bit like propaganda," said bishop Tadeusz Pieronk.
This stuff of Jesus as king isn't a new idea. After all, Jesus being Lord, God and King has been around for...ever. Making Jesus king of Poland isn't such a big deal, since He's already Lord of the Earth, Eternal Father of the Universe, etc., etc. I mean, what is there to Poland?

The point here is that Jesus is already King and not given that title by man."You say rightly that I am a king. For this cause I was born, and for this cause I have come into the world, that I should bear witness to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth hears My voice."

Interestingly enough, this news from Poland comes on the heels of much brouhaha with another "royal".
Miss USA Tara Conner, who had come under criticism amid rumors she had been frequenting bars while underage, will be allowed to keep her title, Donald Trump announced yesterday. I've always been a believer in second chances," Trump, who owns the Miss Universe Organization with NBC, said with Conner at his side. "She left a small town in Kentucky and she was telling me that she got caught up in the whirlwind of New York,"
I find it interesting how some stories, seemingly unrelated, get reported within days of each other and seem to speak to a similar point. In one a title conferred is threatened by indiscretions while another title is questioned by motives. People argue the issue, deserving or undeserving, worthy or unworthy. As the corruption of mankind's state becomes apparent, the eternally incorruptible becomes the more desireable, and the path to the crown of life becomes clearer. There is only One good, One wise, One worthy.
Blessed is the man who endures temptation; for when he has been approved, he will receive the crown of life which the Lord has promised to those who love Him.

Tuesday, December 19

Down the path of least resistance

President Bush, working to recraft his strategy in Iraq, said Tuesday that he plans to increase the size of the U.S. military so it can fight a long-term war against terrorism.

"I'm inclined to believe that we do need to increase our troops _ the Army, the Marines," Bush said in the Oval Office session. "And I talked about this to Secretary Gates and he is going to spend some time talking to the folks in the building, come back with a recommendation to me about how to proceed forward on this idea."
It's easier to send more troops, in spite of signs from every point that this war is going nowhere. It's more difficult to simply examine the facts, remember history, admit the mistake and back out of Iraq, let alone back away from the misguided idea that troops and armament can win against method and spirit. It's called saving face. Politicians like Bush do it all the time. It's the reason I hate politics so.

In the mean time, in part because of this war-that-isn't-a-war, Bush will be far worse off in his last two years in office than his predecessors. The road to hell may be filled with good intentions but it's also a slippery slope.

Sunday, December 17

Bob Barr: Libertarian

A former Georgia congressman who helped spark President Clinton's impeachment has quit the Republican Party to become a Libertarian, saying he is disillusioned with the GOP on issues such as spending and privacy.

Bob Barr, who served eight years as a Republican congressman before losing his seat in 2002, announced Friday that he is now a "proud, card-carrying Libertarian." And he encouraged others to join him.
Good news indeed. I left the Republican party years ago to follow the Constitution Party. Even though I have my own reservations about the Libertarians, on issues of drug control and abortion for instance, I find more agreement with them than Republicans.

I've watched this man's political career and respected his positions. He's committed political suicide so far as any political career is concerned but should be considered a man of principle as exemplified by this move. Hopefully this will encourage others to do likewise, for whether it's the Republicans or the Democrats, people need to wake up and leave the two headed leviathan.

Saturday, December 16

Kill 'em all

Perusing my archives of news articles, I found an article by George Will from 2001 called Gen. Sherman's Advice which I found interesting in light of the current situation in Iraq. Taking from Gen. Sherman's view that it was crucial to crush the Southron effort in the War of Northern Aggression or War of Southron Independence, which ever you will, by killing them off, Mr. Will makes the statement:

...[I]s surrender really less expensive in the long run? It is a reasonable surmise that a reformed terrorist is a very rare terrorist, and that the rate of recidivism will be high among terrorists who are forced to surrender but continue to believe they are doing G-d's will when they commit mass murder of infidels. So, as far as is consistent with the rules of war and the husbanding of the lives of U.S. military personnel, U.S. strategy should maximize fatalities among the enemy, rather than expedite the quickest possible cessation of hostilities.

This "war" wasn't going to be winnable from the beginning. The President's "plan", if there ever really was one, was doomed before the first soldier moved into Iraq. The only way to win this "war" is to decimate the forces in rebellion in Iraq but that hasn't been done nor is it likely so long as Iran and Syria continue their involvement and Al-Qaeda thrives. So long as we're there we're doing more to create the very enemy we seek to destroy.

Friday, December 15

The Haggard syndrome

From Letters from Kamp Krusty regarding the Ted Haggard shame:

There are those who would take this incident, read into it, and quickly conclude that churches are chock full of people kidding themselves -- people acting like they've got it together, but are actually just flat-out messed-up as anybody.

They'd be exactly right.

Then there are those who would say, "But we never said our churches are for perfect people. They're hospitals for the sick." They'd be misleading you. They're not hospitals for the sick.
I have to agree. For several years the church I have been a member of had a church mission of being a hospital to the "sick". I say "had" because it appears that mission hasn't been mentioned much in recent years. It's probably a good thing.

The Christian church of this post-modern era has become market-driven, merchandising Jesus and focusing on results and pragmatism rather than the Message. In order for that vision to sustain itself within a church it has to maintain an image consistent with the professionalism of offering a desirable product. This sort of church measures its success in quantifiable metrics. Essentially, spiritual maturity is unquantifiable, so it becomes difficult to resolve for those interested in the best presentation of product. Not all churches are market-driven and not all large churches are deficient in spiritual maturity, however if a church's size depends upon two primary factors, is God in it or isn't He, then mega-growth isn't necessarily the "blessing" so popularly thought of.

In the final analysis, popular doesn't equal good. Large doesn't equal successful. The church is a place for people to find help in their desperation. The church is not a place of last resort but of the only resort. As Brant Hansen points out, "We're all terminal. We're hopeless, addicted, hooked on ourselves." Unfortunately, Christian culture in America is drawn to celebrities and if it doesn't find celebrities from the secular as they turn to Christ, then Christians are elevated to the status from within. All celebrities, though, are tempted and fall as people often do.

Ted Haggard's fall from grace isn't just the indiscretion of a pastor, it's the symptom of something wrong in the culture of faith.

Wednesday, December 13

Mutemath: One of my favorite bands


Tuesday, December 12

Addictions Anonymous

No twelve step program. Just getting free...from myself...for myself.

To be free is to be unencumbered and to be enslaved... have choices and to have none... conform and to be all things to all people... be who I was created to be.

Monday, December 11

The Financial Bliss Machine

Even as the stock market is hitting new record highs almost every day, the Federal Reserve and Treasury Department are quietly coordinating a devaluation of the dollar that the Bush administration hopes will be a slow decline rather than a dollar collapse.

This week, in an unusual move, the Bush administration is sending virtually the entire economic "A-team" to visit China for a "strategic economic dialogue" in Beijing Dec. 14 and 15.

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke are leading the delegation, along with five other cabinet-level officials, including Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez. Also in the delegation will be Labor Secretary Elaine Chao, Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt, Energy Secretary Sam Bodman, and U.S. Trade Representative Susan Schwab.

The Bush administration wants to get China's cooperation in preventing a dollar collapse. That's the conclusion of John Williams, an experienced professional econometrician, who writes the "Shadow Government Statistics" blog.
Oil markets are leaving the dollar in favor of the euro. The Fed rate is at a crossroads. A recession looks like a probability within the next 1 to 2 years at best. A financial storm approaches even as the consumer fights for a Playstation 3.

I'm not prepared materially, but at least I see the storm coming. God save us from ourselves.

Chuck Norris could run a country...just not his own.

WND columnist Chuck Norris not only pushes the earth down when he does push-ups, he could also be elected to a landslide victory as president of South Africa if he was willing to take on the assignment, according to a recent survey.

In fact, according to the poll conducted by ZOO Weekly, South Africa's only weekly men's lifestyle magazine, action star Norris would claim 86 percent of the vote in such an election.
Is he an outside the beltway politico? You bet! We may need Chuck to kick Hillary's butt.

Saturday, December 9

Reason Number 10123

BELLMEAD- A four-year-old hugged his teachers aide and was put into in-school suspension, according to the father. But La Vega school administrators have a different story.

Damarcus Blackwell's four-year-old son was lining-up to get on the bus after school last month, when he was accused of rubbing his face in the chest of a female employee.

The prinicipal of La Vega Primary School sent a letter to the Blackwells that said the pre-kindergartener demonstrated "inappropriate physical behavior interpreted as sexual contact and/or sexual harassment."
How would a four-year-old know what sexual anything was unless they'd been exposed to it? And I've heard all the crappy arguments about how home-schooling limits a child's socialization and it's just that, a pile of bovine fecal matter. Socialization is the reason why the school system wants our children, to "broaden" their horizons, away from a parent's control. It's the employee and the principle who should be reprimanded for thinking that the embrace of a child that age has any sexually aroused desires. Where are THEIR minds? Where? It's plain for everyone to see. Or try this out...
A production of "Cabaret" in a California city that features high schoolers as cast members is drawing a horrified reaction from public interest organizations and local officials because of the revealing costumes and the teens' sexually provocative poses.
Titus Gee, a reporter for the Valley Press in Lancaster, first reported on the situation, noting that the high school performers will be "attired in bras, teddies, foundation garments, garter belts and little else." ...The newspaper said both high school and college students are involved.
So ratchet up the sexual tension in students by schools and punish them when they exhibit behaviour that's been instilled in schools. The confusion is palpable.
The Lord will strike you with madness and blindness and confusion of heart. - Deuteronomy 28:28
We've opted for the curse, and the curse is upon us.

Again, as I've said before, burn the buildings, dismantle the NEA and every other government or para-government organization having to do with public education. Fire every teacher and principle and have them deprogrammed, then maybe, just maybe, they'd be capable of functioning in society in a productive way. The public school system, for all its incidental good, is corrupt and worse than a religious cult.

Friday, December 8

Behold the Lamb of God

If you've never been to an Andrew Peterson concert you've truly missed out on a remarkable man with a gift. I've just been to his Behold the Lamb of God concert tour event at Heritage Christian Church. A wonderful perfomance by Andrew and several guest artists.

There are few concerts I've come away from feeling as if I've experienced something of the spirit of God and this was one of them.

Wednesday, December 6

It's happened before

With the attention the Kathryn Johnston case has gotten, I ran across this bit of information from the Cato Institute website. Click the map for the link.

One case this map points to from Plaquemines Parish reads:

In June 1988, police in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana conduct a 2 a.m. raid on the home of Glen Williamson. When Williamson points out that the name on the warrant reads "Glen Williams," the deputy merely adds an "on" to the end of the last name, and arrests him anyway. Williamson spends a night in jail before police concede their mistake and release him.

Police can't be trusted. They are working for the government and not the interests of the common folk.

Monday, December 4

Big brother's cousin is watching

WASHINGTON (AP) - U.S. companies will need to keep track of all the e-mails, instant messages and other electronic documents generated by their employees thanks to new federal rules that go into effect Friday, legal experts say.

The rules, approved by the Supreme Court in April, require companies and other entities involved in federal litigation to produce "electronically stored information" as part of the discovery process, when evidence is shared by both sides before a trial.

Privacy? What privacy?