Saturday, March 26

For better or for worse

Evangelical Outpost brings up this piece concerning what's at stake in the Schiavo-Schindler debate. An exerpt...

Many well-meaning people mistakenly believe this issue is about the “right-to-die.” But at its core, the Schiavo case is not about bioethics, living wills, or medial choices. It’s about the failure to protect the institution of marriage.
From this perspective, Judge Greer did what he was supposed to do; settle the dispute between the parties, the husband and parents, regarding the life of Terri. In this I can understand how Judge Greer came to make his rulings.
Florida no-fault divorce laws, in part, have led them to this. How a man can start a new life with another woman, father two children, and still be regarded as another woman's legal guardian through marriage is astounding. His character should be called into question despite what the law reads.