Saturday, November 13

Living life

Some days drag
Some days fly
Some days I think of
The day I'll die

Some days fill me
And some days drain
But one day Jesus
Will call my name...
- from an early Wayne Watson recording

My changing job schedule has left me with little time to update these entries. I've been a little slow in keeping up with the blogosphere for the same reason. I'm not expecting to keep this up very much longer both because the job situation is fluid and because I expect to get back to some semblance of normalcy soon. Politically, my commentary doesn't end with the election. As long as there are those who press their political wills I'll continue to so note what I think the high or low points are. It's just that I've taken a brief interlude in that direction of life. I've got things to say. Whether anyone reads this junk or finds it interesting is beside the point. Someday, if this blog is still on the net, maybe my grandchildren will read about what grandpa thought about his life and times.

From time to time I find myself thinking about the the lines to that Wayne Watson song. Maybe it's because I'd like Jesus to call my name so I could leave. Sometimes life here holds so few charms that I long for days past or an eternity future. Some days do drag and some fly. Still other days hold the tender mercies of God and that is what makes it all worth it.

Friday, November 5

The wasted epilogue

As an advocate for Mr. Peroutka's candidacy this election season, I was faced with the "wasted vote" argument several times during the presidential campaign. Indeed in the past I would've accepted this as a valid argument for voting one of the two major parties. The only reasonable choice, or so I thought, was to vote for one of the two possible winners. Many of my fellow Christian believers have been convinced similarly. However I've come to understand that the "wasted vote" argument holds no validity for the thinking, confirmed Christian believer except under one circumstance.

Now that the election is over and Pres. Bush will be sent back to office for another four years I'm curious as to what my fellow believers who voted for him expect of him. The act of voting, albeit a time consuming duty this time around, was too easy. I wonder if they believed that their responsibilities ended there. Too many, it seems to me, think that is the case. They didn't want their vote wasted and yet the polls will hardly have been darkened before they turn away from the political process, oblivious to the policies and actions of the government they just elected. Somehow God plays into all this, I know. Perhaps they think that voting is all they're responsible for as God will take care of the rest. But to leave that responsibility to God is to fail to recognize all that the vote encompasses. It is a gross misunderstanding of the responsibility given to us by our Constitution not to mention the accountability of our God given right to freedom

The freedom to vote is more than a duty to be exercised every so often. Within that priviledge is the responsibility of elected candidates and the voting public to follow through and do what is right, to hold themselves and each other accountable. There is much talk of rights and freedoms these days but very little talk of accountability and responsibility. These things are intertwined and inseparable just as the priviledge to vote is inseparable from the responsibility to hold those elected to office accountable for their actions.

Unfortunately, I think that too many well meaning Christians who've sincerely voted their conscience this time around will settle for something in their elected officials which violates their principles or the standards of God. They might look to God to avoid introspectively examining their own failure to consider what their vote did. For the Christian, to accept responsibility for the vote cast is to pursue Godly righteousness in the person elected by holding them accountable. A "wasted vote" is to have voted and to fail to do this. I fear that Christians will be comfortable with what's being done in government. Many will be asleep while on their watch for freedom. They may be inclined to excuse small irregularities and slight failures of holding true to our Constitution. If we are lulled into a false sense of security by accepting these things we'll have accepted the "lesser of two evils".

Thursday, November 4

The Police

I ran across this link in my research on police stats...

It provides good links to local law enforcement agencies and information.

Why the fuss?

WorldNetDaily reveals that the third party candidate voting reflected "barely a blip" in this election.

The top three third-party challenges, Ralph Nader, running as an independent, Libertarian Michael Badnarik and Michael Peroutka of the Constitution Party weren't able to garner 1 percent of the popular vote combined.
Then what was the hubbub about? Republicans, why the nervous appeal to conservative Christians to vote Bush? Or did you really think that Bush needed the "fear factor" to get elected because his merits wouldn't get him there? The Pat Robertsons and Jerry Falwells of the country should sleep easier tonight but what have we gotten by Pres. Bush's reelection? That will flesh out in the next few months I'm sure. Rest assured, if it's anything like the last three plus years it will be more of the same feigned Christianized, pseudo-conservative policies and actions that the Christian right has become blind enough to reelect Bush for.
The latest popular-vote numbers indicate Nader received 394,794 votes, Badnarik 377,940, and Peroutka 129,842. The Green Party's David Cobb won just 105,525.
I stood with the other 129,841 on Tuesday, one of whom was my son. In the final analysis it was never about the numbers. It was never about winning the election, necessarily. It was about taking a stand for what was Godly and right. Pres. Bush never got my vote because he didn't deserve it and to intimate that my vote for a third party candidate is a vote for an opposing candidate is and always will be a disingenuous argument. Now that the election is over it will be interesting to see what treatment Christian conservatives give Pres. Bush's second term policies and actions. If a vote for principle is a vote for an undesirable outcome then the president's politics should fit right in with the popular culture's current diluted Christian values.

To do our duty

Michael Peroutka's statement on the election from US Newswire...

"I am most grateful to all of you who have supported our campaign and share our desire to restore our original God-honoring American Constitutional Republic. As the campaign has come to an end, I have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and encouragement from all corners of the country. I am deeply grateful for your prayers for me, for my wife, Diane and our children, Beth, Patrick and Timothy.

"Since I too often forget to thank my brother Steve, I want to acknowledge his love, support and friendship. God has blessed me with a generous and brilliant brother and business partner who cares and works tirelessly for the protection of the unborn.

"Last night, we had a wonderful 'Victory Celebration' hosted by the Maryland Constitution Party vice chairman, Mike Chastain, and featuring presentations by 'Little Stevie' Peroutka, Chairman Jim Clymer, John Lofton and Howard Phillips.

"In my remarks I emphasized that when we do our duty, every day is a victory.

"Last night, we celebrated God's glorious and gracious sovereignty over all things. As Christ tells us in Matthew 28:18, 'All authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth.' Of course, this includes authority over civil government and over political elections. His will be done.

"Our victory is in declaring God's sovereign nature and submitting ourselves to His will. We do this when we run for office acknowledging God, defending the family, and working to restore the American Republic. We do this when we vote only for those men who have submitted their lives to faithfulness and obedience to His Word.

"With this victory in mind -- His victory -- I encourage all Americans of good will to join us in the coming days, months and years to build our effort to honor God, defend the family and restore the Republic."

Arlen's dream

He didn't let the voting machines get cold from Tuesday's use before Arlen Specter issued a notice to the newly reelected president.

"When you talk about judges who would change the right of a woman to choose, overturn Roe v. Wade, I think that is unlikely," Specter said, referring to the landmark 1973 Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion. "The president is well aware of what happened, when a bunch of his nominees were sent up, with the filibuster," Specter added, referring to Senate Democrats' success over the past four years in blocking the confirmation of many of Bush's conservative judicial picks. "... And I would expect the president to be mindful of the considerations which I am mentioning."
A veiled threat? No doubt. But Bush's support for Specter in the campaign tells me that Bush gets to play both ends against the middle. He just has to offer a "conservative" candidate to the court and have Specter's committee turn it down. He just plays the political game and gets what he wants anyway.
A former district attorney, Specter also bemoaned what he called the lack of any current justices comparable to legal heavyweights like Oliver Wendell Holmes, Louis Brandeis, Benjamin Cardozo and Thurgood Marshall, "who were giants of the Supreme Court." "With all due respect to the (current) U.S. Supreme Court, we don't have one," he said. Though he refused to describe the political leanings of the high court, Specter said he "would characterize myself as moderate; I'm in the political swim. I would look for justices who would interpret the Constitution, as Cardozo has said, reflecting the values of the people."
And that's the point, isn't it? It's about viewing the Constitution through the changing values of the culture and society. Let's interpret the Constitution, period, as it is and was intended to be by the authors.

Monday, November 1

One last ditch attempt to beguile...

David Kupelian of WND addresses third party voters in what is an attempt to stir the pot of fear.

I'm referring to a different tragedy. The tragedy that idealistic, patriotic, constitutionally minded Christian Americans very possibly will be the ones that actually turn over this nation to Kerry – a man who opposes, and is intent on destroying, every one of their most cherished values.
How misguided one must be to think that principled, constitutionally mindedness would be bad for our country.
A vote for Michael Peroutka of the Constitution Party, or for the Libertarian candidate Michael Badnarik – regardless of whatever personal virtues they possess, or those of their party's platform – amounts to a vote for Kerry....It's the most basic mathematics possible, so I won't insult anyone by explaining it.
I hear and read this all the time. Has public education declined to the point where people can't perform simple arithmetic? Mr. Kupelian calls this basic but adding one to the column for Mr. Peroutka means one more for him. I fail to understand how it amounts to anything other than that. Whatever votes a candidate gets are votes earned and Pres. Bush hasn't earned mine.
... they realize what is truly at stake in this election. Do you?
So what IS at stake in this election? Maintaining the status quo? Insuring the reelection of a president who has repeatedly violated the Constitution he's sworn to uphold? Validating policies which run counter to Christian principle?
Quite honestly, so what if Sen. Kerry becomes president. Can anyone with an ounce of moral integrity tell me that our country deserves better? Since when do we count ourselves worthy of benevolent leadership? I'm not suggesting that if Mr. Peroutka were to become president all our troubles would fade. But taking a stand for principle and moral integrity means nothing if it is abandonded when the price is deemed too high. If we want principled leadership in public office then we have to demonstrate that with our vote. From where I sit, many Christians are demonstrating ignorance is bliss.

If it isn't obvious by now it should be. Our country is under God's judgment. The insanity of this election cycle should demonstrate the confusion and darkness we've descended into. Can the voice of reason and truth be heard above the din of lawyers, media elites and party bickering?
I can agree with one thing stated by Mr. Kupelian, though...
What God does hold us responsible for is to do the right thing, to act with wisdom.
Indeed. Christian, do the right thing and vote by a conscience moved by the Holy Spirit. God will hold us accountable for the choices we've made. In God's economy, we'll reap what we've sown.