Thursday, September 30

Pres. Bush's charm keeps oil price low

From the Strike the Root site comes this link to a NYTimes piece of June 28, 2000.

Gov. George W. Bush of Texas said today that if he was president, he would bring down gasoline prices through sheer force of personality, by creating enough political good will with oil-producing nations that they would increase their supply of crude
I guess his thoughts on political good will didn't included two wars in the region. Or perhaps it's that he has a peculiarly Texan way of sayin' "Howdy" the arabs don't like. Given that the price of crude just hit $50 a barrel maybe OPEC will cut us some slack if we elect the cold, less-personality-than-a-turnip Kerry as long as the wife stays home. If Teresa went on a 11 nation OPEC tour to promote more production we'd all be riding bicycles inside of a month.
Asked why the Clinton administration had not been able to use the power of personal persuasion, Mr. Bush said: "The fundamental question is, 'Will I be a successful president when it comes to foreign policy?' "
Let's see. Jimo on the Vox Popoli blog quoted Otto von Bismark, "The less people know about how sausages and laws are made, the better they'll sleep at night." In that same vein, Mr. President, I'll sleep better not thinking about the answer to that question.

Wednesday, September 29

Terrorism in all sizes

The Washington Times reports an incident with a Delta pilot injured by a laser.

During congressional testimony in 1999, he (Naval Lt. Cmdr. Jack Daly who also suffered permanent eye damage from a similar incident) warned of laser threats to pilots.
"Numerous documented cases regarding the use of lasers against aircraft, civilians and military personnel exist, as well as does an all-too-lengthy list of the injuries that have resulted from the accidental and intentional misuse of these devices," Cmdr. Daly told a House Armed Services subcommittee.
He noted that incidents of lasers being directed at commercial airliners during takeoff and landings have raised fears that "this in fact may be a new form of terrorism."
"Lasers are easily obtainable and can be self-manufactured weapons in the terrorist arsenal, which essentially can effect a soft-kill solution and leave virtually no detectable evidence," he said.
The question of these incidents being the work of terrorists is open to dispute. However I dispute the predominant idea that suggests terrorists are only interested in a 9/11 or greater magnitude attack. Smaller, less conspicuous attacks, although not garnering the press headlines, still contribute to the general uneasyness if not nullify security, not to mention taking out some physical infrastructure along the way if possible.

Terrorists not only create insecurity but destroy confidence. Part of their aim is to destroy confidence in the government's ability to maintain the peace within its borders. Of course, as a Christian, my confidence does not rest with any earthly organization but in the living God. Overwhelming numbers in our culture, however, maintain a "womb to the tomb" dependency and confidence upon the federal government. Smaller incremental attacks can aggrandize into an effect with results larger than 9/11. Less significant incidents like this, were they to accumulate, can subtly make the work of terrorists just as potent.

Tuesday, September 28

From the Geek Grave...

Leaving notes behind for friends or loved ones to read and share after death takes a technological leap.

"Most people leave notes behind in drawers or boxes knowing or hoping they will be found after they die...This is the same, but via Internet," said Alberto Iriarte, 33, director of Global Spectrum, the Pamplona-based company which runs the service. "People find computers more intimate and private than letters and they feel freer to say things this way," said Iriarte, a Pamplona-born computer engineer. "Some people say we're trying to make money out of death, but it's not like that...We see it as trying to help people get over the grief."
Ya gotta think, "What could go wrong?" Some distant relative or friend gets an unexpected e-mail talking about how wonderful they've been and how they've been appreciated, not knowing the deceased is DECEASED. Or maybe some uncle whose been a real pain in the butt gets one last kick in said posterior. In the Internet, the possibilities are endless.

Infiltrating the homeland

The Washington Times reports an Al Qaeda underling has been spotted in Honduras apparently attempting to make a deal with the El Salvadoran Mara Salvatrucha gang for entrance into the U.S. by way of Mexico.

The Salvadoran gang, known to law enforcement authorities as MS-13 because many members identify themselves with tattoos of the number 13, is thought to have established a major smuggling center in Matamoros, Mexico, just south of Brownsville, Texas, from where it has arranged to bring illegal aliens from countries other than Mexico into the United States.
Authorities said al Qaeda terrorists hope to take advantage of a lack of detention space within the Department of Homeland Security that has forced immigration officials to release non-Mexican illegal aliens back into the United States, rather than return them to their home countries.
Less than 15 percent of those released appear for immigration hearings. Nearly 60,000 illegal aliens designated as other-than-Mexican, or OTMs, were detained last year along the U.S.-Mexico border.
It's no doubt our foremost foreign policy election issue is Iraq. As we look to who best to finish the job in Iraq, though, we're ignoring our porous borders in the South and North. Thousands illegally come across the border every month. Even the Mexican military makes incursions into U.S. territory regularly. Pres. Bush's statement about handling illegals in February increased illegal border crossings. Many Americans are lulled into a false sense of security thinking these border crossings are an annoyance, certainly not the magnitude of the problem we face in Iraq. Al Qaeda knows that and counts on it.

Friday, September 24

The Internet as terrorist tool

An interesting piece on terrorist use of the Internet as a means to ply their stock and trade. No doubt the Internet has become a media equalizer; anyone with the equipment can disseminate whatever information to a willing audience 24hrs a day.

Imperial Judiciary

In the continuing saga of Terri Schindler Schiavo, the disabled Florida woman whose parents are fighting to keep her alive, the latest court battle has resulted in 'Terri's Law' being struck down.
Thomas Jefferson, referring to the issue of slavery in his day, was quoted as saying, "The God who gave us life gave us liberty. Can the liberties of a nation be secure when we have removed the conviction that they are a gift from God?" Indeed, an oligarchical judiciary has been on the rise in our time ominously threatening that conviction, particularly in this case.

'It is without question an invasion of the authority of the judicial branch for the Legislature to pass a law that allows the executive branch to interfere with the final judicial determination in a case,'' Chief Justice Barbara Pariente wrote for the court. 'That is precisely what occurred here and for that reason the Act is unconstitutional as applied to Theresa Schiavo.''

The Florida legislature, with the support of thousands of floridians, passed a measure which was signed into law by the Florida chief executive, Gov. Bush. It appears to this reader that the Florida Supreme court has overstepped its own authority in determining simple constitutionality.
The Florida Constitution makes for an interesting read, in sharp contrast to the apparent intent of current members of its judicial agency...
Preamble: We, the people of the State of Florida, being grateful to Almighty God for our constitutional liberty, in order to secure its benefits, perfect our government, insure domestic tranquility, maintain public order, and guarantee equal civil and political rights to all, do ordain and establish this constitution.
Section 2: All natural persons, female and male alike, are equal before the law and have inalienable rights, among which are the right to enjoy and defend life and liberty... No person shall be deprived of any right because of race, religion, national origin, or physical disability.
Section 9: Due process.--No person shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law
Many have argued the point of defending the life of Ms. Schindler-Schiavo before. I make no pretense to make a more convincing argument for this lady's life than the eloquence rendered already. Nor do I suggest to know more about the law than the Florida Supreme Court, except in this matter. All law has a judge. Ironic, isn't it, that the Florida courts, by the rulings in this case, think they are securing the rights of the citizens? Rather, they are securing the incremental elimination of those rights and the citizens themselves...and God will judge. Deo Vindice.

Thursday, September 23

Reality Entertainment

I've never been interested in any of the so called "reality shows". In my view, reality shows take advantage of unwholesome interests in the minds of viewers. They all prey on the emotions and base nature of human beings. Emotions like greed (The Apprentice), vengeance (Survivor), lust (The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Elimidate, etc.) all surface in these shows. The newer trend in reality shows like swapping spouses too often leaves the suggestion of marital dissatisfaction in the imagination of a couple. Seldom is there a even a hint of a decent, honorable way of handling relationships with other people. I see very little good and an overwhelming negative in such programming.

There really is truth in the Scriptural admonition that "The heart is more deceitful than all else And is desperately sick; Who can understand it?" The human imagination, devoid of Godly inspiration and creativity, is unfathomable in its ungodliness. The DVDs of the recent beheadings are top sellers in Baghdad's 'thieves market' and testaments to that.

"In one video, an Egyptian hostage his hands tied behind his back sits in front of a banner with the Tawhid wal Jihad emblem. He makes his confession, swearing he planted electronic bugs in Iraqi cities so US warplanes could pick out their targets. He confesses he provided women to coalition soldiers. Standing behind him, three masked men prepare to deliver their judgement. Two grip Kalashnikovs, while the third brandishes a knife and reads out his verdict. 'The spies are sent from Satan's caravan,' the man says. And in a sudden motion, the Egyptian's throat is sliced and his head cut off amid cries of 'Allah Akbar' (God is Greatest)."
It's easy to decry the violence in this. But it's also easy for me to see the prurient desire to make profit from this sort of endeavor. In the mind of an individual devoid of scruples, it's understandable how this could be the next logical step in the reality entertainment evolution given that "standard" that the genre has set for itself. Honestly, it comes as no surprise even though I am repulsed at the thought of this decadence.

Baghdad's market isn't the only domain absent of human consideration and compassion. Our American television industry regularly abuses people and insults their intelligence like lab rats. The masses take pornographic interest in the images and stories portrayed in these reality shows with pleasure. We are not so guiltless in our self indulgence. It's time to clean our own entertainment media industry before we indignantly denounce a 'thieves market'.

How 'bout riding drunk horses?

In a victory for liberty, the state Supreme Court of Pennsylvania ruled drunk driving laws don't apply to riding horses. Horses are not vehicles, according to the court.

"...judges said such a statute is confusing and too vague about which regulations would apply to animals as well as vehicles."

Hmmm....Licensing horses?! How 'bout emissions checks or brake tags?!

Tuesday, September 21

The Spiritual Battlefield

News of Jack Hensley's execution at the hands of a group led by al-Zarqawi should give us pause to think, pray and act.

Think... because this was another life caught in the middle of a great spiritual battle. This conflict, despite the militaristic overtones, was rooted in the spiritual and cannot be won with guns, swords or bombs. The essence of this struggle is not of our own power. It is in the power of the heavenlies.

Pres. Bush is correct in his assessment that this is a war like no other. America fights not against a country or a specific people but against a method of making war itself. To find and crush terrorism around the world is akin to the war against poverty or drugs. Every day Americans are told we can and will win this war on terror; that terrorists will not prevail. Consider, however, that terrorists will prevail if we believe that America can win the war. The seed of our own demise as a people is within the notion that our own ability holds the key to our redemption. If America believes this, it clings to a lie.

Terrorism, as any evil, can be defeated only through spiritual warfare. We fight these battles with spiritual armament not with military issue. Christ said, "...the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh, but divinely powerful for the destruction of fortresses." Much of what Christ said was, and still is, unpopular. Its truth is nonetheless poignant, powerful and effective to the vanquishing of the powers of darkness.

Pray... because there are those who need it; now particularly for the Hensley family. Many have died and many yet will have their lives taken or will give them freely. Pray their life and death would have meaning in Christ. Pray that those involved directly and indirectly in this earthly war would know the supernatural power of Christ. Pray because there is a country whose foundation was once laid in prayer. Though the foundation crumbles it can be restored by our collective bended knee. Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD. Prayer is the commodity of heaven. It is the stock of a people confident in God. Pray that though some boast in military strength, America will boast in the name of the LORD, our God.

Act...because knowledge of the truth means nothing but that we do it. If the heavens fall, if it costs all, stand tall and be obedient to the truth and shun deceit. Be sober. Be vigilant. Any victory or defeat though battles with guns and mortars fought half a world away is meaningless without fighting a winning battle in the spiritual realm here.Therefore, prepare your minds for action, keep sober in spirit, fix your hope completely on the grace to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ.

Monday, September 20

Who contributes?

Interested in knowing who in your neighborhood is giving political contributions, and to which candidate? Try

Saturday, September 18

America's Two-Party System is a Hoax

An excellent piece on the state of the bifactional two party system, from a thread poster on Vox Day's blog. If you're interested, also read Vox's post along with Robert Novak's original article if you're interested in Rep. Sherwood Boehlert's Republican party backing.
There was a time when I thought the party was the choice for conservatives. Yes, I bought into the party fear tactic that there was no other practical choice. I've since come to the understanding that 1) the Republican party is focused on politics and not principle 2) both major political parties are simply two sides of the same coin; the Republican party being a tad more palatable than the Democrats 3) working to change the party from within is futile because leadership undermines grass roots efforts and excuses the deviancy of party principles and 4) the Republican party has left its conservative base of support.
Over the past few months I've come to be acutely aware of these points and I give Pres. Bush credit, in large part, for my epiphany. His actions and statements over his term are not those of an individual I can support for reelection, let alone those of a conservative despite the support of his party. Support for Gov. "Ahnold" and Sen. Specter by the white house ought to demonstrate to conservative Republicans that Pres. Bush isn't interested in addressing this key issue forthrightly. And the party cannot excuse the actions of the white house and Newt Gingrich with respect to Rep. Boehlert and maintain the integrity of the party platform. Indeed, stating for the world that "the unborn has a fundamental individual right to life which cannot be infringed" means nothing if party leadership agrees with abortion rights activists. On this there must be a wide divergence.
Recently I received a form letter to solicit funds from the RNC stating, "I don't want to believe you've abandoned the Republican party, but I have to ask...Have you given up?" They should look at themselves in the mirror and ask that question. They promised us changes when they took power of the House of Representatives and then the Senate and last the White House. Well, they have control over all three and the only changes I've seen are for the worst. More government bureaucracy, more wasteful spending and diminishing liberties are what have greeted this brave new shadow of a republic. If you consider yourself a Republican then consider carefully who the party supports and who you're asked to vote for. For an atheist, the Republican choice makes pragmatic sense. For the christian, though, God is no pragmatist. To paraphrase from Tozer, even if the outcome is certain defeat, do right if the heavens fall and you'll stand on the day of judgment.

Thursday, September 16

Chronicles of the Catsup Cween

First, anybody who doesn't support her husband's medical reform plan is an "idiot". Now she's suggesting that we let hurricane victims go "...naked for a while, at least the kids". "Water is necessary, and then generators, and then food, and then clothes." Right, don't forget those generators! Those people need electricity for their flat screen TVs. But that certainly has to be more important to get for those people than clothing. Running around naked isn't so bad, is it?

Teresa, let me give you a word of advice. Don't ever stop. It's enjoyable to read about someone with your wealth making a complete fool out of themselves.

Wednesday, September 15

Do as we say don't do as we do

I began to see this coming after the U.S. govt. made its move to strike back at terrorism after 9/11.

U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell, in an interview with Reuters, backed liberal criticism in Russia by saying the changes were "pulling back on some of the democratic reforms".
We institute another layer of government bureaucracy in the Dept. of Homeland Security, add the unconstitutional PATRIOT act and now consider centralizing our intelligence services and that's democracy? The administration and the State Department can expect Israel, Russia and other nations to deal with the issue of terrorism just as we have, militarily and with more government controls. I fail to see why with three million illegals pouring across our borders we won't take care of our own problems.
But Russia's foreign minister said Washington had no right to impose its model of democracy on others.
This is where we've gone wrong in other parts of the world, especially Afghanistan and Iraq. The president, during his last campaign in 2000, made claims that Pres. Clinton's nation building efforts in Somalia and other parts of the world were wrong. I was uncertain of our justification for striking Afghanistan but even more dubious about Iraq. There was no constitutional authority, only government vigilantism after 9/11. Nonetheless, our military moved into Iraq and Afghanistan, drove the Taliban, the Baath party and Saddam Hussein from power. It's time to cut the losses, bring the troops home and let Iraq and Afghanistan sort out their own problems. We've done too much already.

Tuesday, September 14

THE Monster Truck

This is the real man's truck. Pull up to a NASCAR race or football tailgate party with this thing and you'll be a hit! Oh, yeah!

Ford is just another name for Dorf

I've been a Chevy/GM guy all my life. Pieces parts are easily interchangeable; engineering is simple to understand. Fords are, without a doubt, designed in Yankeeland. I don't care where they're made. A Ford is the yankees' way of saying, "We won the war. Get a clue."
Just look at the timing! What kind of engineer designs engine timing in a Dorfmobile to fire 1-3-4-6-5-2-7-8. This is not yur mama's Dorf.
I really don't want to own a Dorfmobile even though I've got one by necessity. I'll make it last as long as I need it then I'll find a M40 for it. Sweet dreams.

Monday, September 13

Lock and Load up

Lock and load up.

Saturday, September 11

E-mail Class 103:Bogussity

I see lots of e-mails every day. I believe I've gotten better at skimming for content and reading in depth later when I need to. Every so often there are e-mails that I get, like I'm sure other people get, which just don't "look right".
A particular case in point is a recent "Denzil Washington with Katie Couric Interview" e-mail I received. Now, some of you are probably way ahead of me and thinking, "Got that, dumped it". I know this may not be revelatory to most of you but there are people who read these things and think, "Wow, Denzel's saved or a Republican, or both!"
It's useless to challenge these bogus e-mails head on. It's just that all the phoniness irritates me. It's taken me some time to train and guide others to be discerning enough to pick the urban legends from the real news and ...Baleete. Some of it, however, still gets by.
So for those of you who don't know, here's a little instruction. Note that this is Class 103. I'm assuming that you've taken and successfully completed Class 101 (Knowing what an e-mail is and how it works) and Class 102 (How to send and receive e-mails) given the fact that people receive e-mails from you at all.

Call this "A Lesson in Bogussity" (pronounced Bow-gus'-ity)

1) One has to treat everything on the internet with a critical eye. I do mean everything. Consider the source, even if it comes from your cousin's, best-friends', co-worker who works for the San Antonio police department. I don't care if you were there watching Sandy Berger stuff 10 pounds of papers in his 5 pound sack, verify, verify, verify.
2) Forwards can almost always be discredited. Look for indications of believability. Case in point:Madeline Murray O'hare is dead! Dead, I tell you! So are her putrid kids. She's not conducting any FCC campaign from the grave so there's no need to get upset and send 300 letters to the commissioners pleading with them to let Roma Downey say "God bless you" on Touched By An Angel. As a matter of fact I think the only thing Madeline wants right now is an iced tea, hold the lemon. Unless, of course, she's in the Southern portion of the lake of fire in which case she might like it sweetened, thank you very much.
3) Don't be sucked into believing, much less spreading the revelation, that some celebrity found God, discovered Christianity, become a conservative or whatever, just because an e-mail says so. If it's true even the major media wouldn't hesitate to disseminate what they think would be the noisome story. Some people enjoy propagating half-truths or rumors. Some like the idea of hoodwinking gullible christians into believing stuff like Robin Williams being born again. It's their anal-retentive way of having fun so let them enjoy, just don't get involved.
4) Don't be doing things to a PC just because you got some e-mail from your church friends warning you of a Juggerbear virus characterized by a cute little teddy bear icon. Know that the worst thing that anyone could've given maniacal geeks was the internet to prey, er play, on. If you need someone to work on your PC find someone who knows what to do with e-mails like this, i.e. delete!

Friday, September 10

Belgium considers euthanasia for children

The geniuses in Belgium are at it again.

Senators Jeannine Leduc and Paul Wille said in the bill that terminally ill children and teenagers had as much right to choose when they wanted to die as anyone else. "Their suffering is as great (and) the situation they face is as intolerable and inhumane," the senators' bill read on Wednesday.
We've really made enlightened progress when human suffering is "inhumane". I wonder how we made that leap in logic. And since when does anybody have the right to choose when they want to die? I guess it's all a move toward legitimizing suicide. I understand pain. There's people I know who experience excruciating physical pain everyday of their lives. I also understand death can be a painful and slow process but isn't that part of living? We all have a right to live. God gave it to us.

Confederate battle flag: A symbol of heritage

The Confederate battle flag is a symbol of our heritage. I know there are certain "organizations" who use the flag to further their own devisive ideals. But the sacrifice of blood shed for the ideal of self-determination and independence from federal tyranny is greater than that of these who malign it. Indeed, I am just as opposed to them as I am the guardians of politically correct thinking who defame the flag in ignorance.

Thursday, September 9

First Harridan

She's got to be an embarrassment, to somebody if not her husband. Women like this should be locked in a closet until election day because they're not worth being seen much less heard. Since she's so interested in health care, and I'm interested in curbing pollution, somebody please give this woman a valium.

Hyper Active Bob

Racial profiling may be an issue but fast food profiling isn't. This predictive software helps restaurants gauge their cooking to help the bottom line.

"I've been a manager for 28 years," said Pat Currie, a manager at a McDonald's in Chippewa Township. "It's the most impressive thing I've ever seen." It was installed at Currie's restaurant two years ago. Since then, waste has been cut in half and wait times at the drive-through have been reduced by 25 to 40 seconds per consumer, Currie said — an eternity in the fast-food industry.
So, when a beemer gets into the drive-thru they're probably gonna get a chicken sandwich with a diet coke, I guess, right? If it's a Ford pickup, primer colored with a man, woman, two kids and a huntin' dog, I don't guess they'll be puttin' out salads. Next thing ya know the restaurant will have your particular order ready based on previously tracked personal orders. "You don't want a chicken club, Mr. Shangnaster, you've always had double meat burgers."

Vinton Cerf's Internet

Interesting piece on the future of the internet from Vint Cerf, a co-founder of the Internet.

Wednesday, September 8

Reasons To Vote Peroutka Part II

Continued from the previous post...

Regarding Pres. Bush's Faith-Based Initiative

"President Bush’s continued pushing of his so-called “faith-based
initiative” --- which is really nothing more than a program to entice churches to get on Federal welfare --- is un-Christian, un-Constitutional and a disgraceful example of pork-barrel politics at its worst and most dangerous...Instead of trying to, in Mr. Bush’s words, “level the playing field” by trying to get “faith-based” groups on the Federal welfare --- there should be no such “field” at all, none, for anybody. Instead of trying to get Christian groups ON Federal welfare, he should be getting non-“faith-based” groups OFF of Federal welfare."
Regarding The War on Terror

"I want to state my support for the men who fight to defend our country. But in this case, they have been sent on a fool’s errand. They have been placed in harms way on false pretenses and faulty intelligence. This eventuality might have been avoided had the President and the Congress followed the United States Constitution which provides that only Congress can declare war. The President cannot usurp this power from Congress and the Congress cannot surrender it by resolution. The Constitutional process would also insure that the United States would not commit troops to something so vague, so undefined and so un-winnable as a war on terror. Terror is not an enemy. Terror is the tactic of an enemy. A war on a tactic will, in all likelihood, never end because the object of the war, the tactic, can never be eradicated. This type of war will always be an endless, confusing tragedy. That is, I fear, what we have in the case of Iraq. We should get the troops out now. “Nation building” is not a permissible function of the United States Government under Article I, Section 8 of the United States Constitution. As President, I would follow the Supreme Law of the Land, the United States Constitution, and bring home our troops."
Regarding Taxes
"...If you want the biggest tax cut in history, then I ask you to vote for me. I am the only Presidential candidate who means it when I say: I will obey the Constitution, so help me God...As President, I would work to repeal the Sixteenth Amendment, abolish the IRS, eliminate the income tax and other Godless forms of taxation such as the property tax and the inheritance tax. As President, I would go back to the original design of the Founders, which was to sustain the legitimate role of the Federal government through excises, imposts, duties, and apportionment among the states."

The Computer Made Me Do It.

On the heels of last weeks news of the 35th birthday of the internet comes this piece from England that the internet is helping divorce rates rise.

Northam said other factors were pressure at work, the changing roles of women and a decrease in the stigma of divorce.
I rather think that it's not just women changing roles but men as well. After all, if Western culture regards the heterosexual, homosexual, transgendered, bisexual and even cross-dresser with equanimity, then why should we expect the traditional roles of either sex to be secure? And so far as the stigma of divorce is concerned, Mr. & Mrs. Hollywood is doing a fine job of eliminating that.
"The use of the Internet makes having affairs easier than in the past," Northam said.
Therein lies the problem with the internet, anonymity. And therewith the internet deals quite well with the issue of shame. The internet makes doing anything wrong easier. From raiding bank accounts to sexual deviancy, it's the one place where people can act with impunity and interact without being personal.

Tuesday, September 7

Reasons To Vote Peroutka Part 1

Just in case there be some who peruse these lines and aren't aware of reasons to support Michael Peroutka for president, I render the following. I've culled these directly from the Peroutka 2004 site.

Regarding the Second Amendment, Mr. Peroutka supports the:

-Repeal of the unconstitutional semi-automatic ban -- a ban which has compromised our security, while having no impact on crime;
-Repeal of the ban on full automatics -- ownership of which requires some of the most draconian screening procedures on the federal books;
-Repeal of the unconstitutional Instantcheck system,requiring law-abiding Americans to get the government's permission to exercise their constitutional rights (and which does nothing to lower crime);

Regarding the Free Trade Area of the Americas

"I will stop the FTAA and end U.S. participation in NAFTA and the WTO. As President, it would be my responsibility to support a Fair Trade Policy that would benefit America and Americans, and not foreign or international governments. With a Fair Trade Policy, I will secure Americans in their pursuit of happiness (their right to employ), and America's national sovereignty, not turn the American economy into that of a third world nation."

Regarding the Federal Marriage Amendment...

"...the Federal Marriage Amendment is wholly unnecessary, dangerous and inappropriate...The federal government has an obligation under Article IV §4 to ensure to each member State that it, and every other member State, will be Republican in form of government. Thus far, sodomy-based marriage has not been, and I expect never will be, enacted in proper republican fashion. Rather, it has been, and will be, imposed by judicial fiat. Such an action is not republican in form, and will be utterly resisted to the grave if necessary under a Peroutka Presidency. The obligation of the Full Faith and Credit clause of Article IV, §1 is to give full faith & credit to another member State's legitimate public Acts, Record and Judicial Proceedings. When a State, or Federal Judiciary oversteps its bounds, that Proceeding will be ignored."

Regarding the Dept. of Education

"The United States Constitution, the supreme law of the land, provides no authority for the Department of Education or any of its programs. That's right! The whole thing is unauthorized and ought to be disbanded!...As president of the United States, I promise to do what the Republican Party promised but never delivered – close down the unconstitutional federal Department of Education. Count on it!"

Sunday, September 5

Whose Decency?

CBS is about to get fined by the FCC for the Super Bowl Janet Jackson Lingerie show. I know it's probably all just a big mistake. CBS meant for her to do her thing with the other Victoria Secret "football" players. So much for "wardrobe malfunctions".

Curious quote though by CBS responding to the expected fine...

"We would be extremely disappointed," CBS said in a statement issued to the newspaper. "While we regret that the incident occurred, and have apologised to our viewers, we continue to believe that nothing in the Super Bowl broadcast violated indecency laws."
Question: If they're maintaining that no indecency laws were violated, then what are they apologizing for? Oh, I know. It's all a way of saying, "Look, we apologized already, isn't that enough?

Now, I don't like the idea of the government regulating things like broadcast decency. The modern American church, in my opinion, has lost relevance in society due partly to abdicating the role of moral guardian to government. Even though it has lost effectiveness in dealing with issues such as this, it's the proper arena of the church and establishments of faith to keep the standards; to decry the things that are wrong and, if necessary, have such companies like CBS feel the hurt where it counts, in the pocketbook. The Dixie Chicks felt such pain from declining sales and radio play when all it took was one of them wishing Bush wasn't a Texan. Whose discretion or evaluations of decency would we rather trust? Government or the church? And if we sanction government keeping watch over areas of decency standards, why should we be surprised when christians are silenced in the arena of ideas by the same government discretion? CBS fears government intervention because they know government can make CBS feel the pain. The knee-jerk reaction for many christian believers is to force the hand of government to act when it's "we the people" who should be making CBS say "uncle".

Evangelicals Satisfied with GOP?

I frankly don't understand how evangelicals can be satisfied with the GOP convention. Some random thoughts...

"The speakers were incredible," said Crouse. "And the platform was right down the line on our issues."

And conservative christians should be encouraged by the platform? Since 2000 Pres. Bush has strayed so far from the then agreed platform he'd have to use a Garmin to find it. OTOH, I don't know if he knows what a Garmin is.

He (Jerry Falwell) went home secure, he said, that "we've got the leading social conservative in America" in President Bush.

First of all, let it be known that I've never trusted Jerry Falwell as a spokesperson for the christian view any more than any black person should trust Jesse Jackson as a spokesperson for their views. The man is a charlatan. I've read about Mr. Falwell's handling of others within christiandom and it's not pretty, to put it mildly.
Secondly, he doesn't know what he's talking about when he refers to the president as a leading social conservative. What kind of a joke is that? The president is a "spend-it-while-you-can" neocon with little concern for civil liberties or social issues. Just how many times did the president refer to the abortion issue in his speech? Hint: once. Referring to the unborn he stated that they must have a place in society. That's it. What sort of place is that? The garbage can?

Ralph Reed, Southeast director of the Bush-Cheney 2004 campaign and former executive director of the Christian Coalition spoke, and the campaign distributed written endorsements from evangelical leaders including former Southern Baptist President Jack Graham and James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family.

And I had such high regard for Dr. Dobson. I question Dr. Dobson's endorsement. With all the wanton disregard for the Constitution and the increased federalization of education by this administration, I would've thought the president had crossed the conservative line in the sand. This seems to me to be more staying on the winning team, pragmatism over principle. It sickens me.
By these actions, christian conservative leaders would tend to suggest that principles are not always of paramount importance.

Friday, September 3

Political Parties

Well, now the real campaigning begins. I watched more of the Republican convention than the Democratic. I don't care to have my intelligence insulted by those nattering, nabobs of negativistic Democrats, to borrow an alliterative phrase of former VP Spiro Agnew. Everything they do is colored by their political position. Political correctness never had a better home.

One thing which was noteworthy from the proceedings of the past several nights was the thrust of Zell Miller's speech. It was no doubt his political swan song. In relation to his party, the apple has fallen far from the tree, and for good reason. Even though he's known as Zig Zag Zell for his political shifts, Sen. Miller has a passion from within that seems to drive him to virtue above all. He does have scruples and a righteous zeal most in his party don't have. NPR Political pundit Mara Liasson framed his speech as an angry one. Had he given a similarly toned speech on the Democratic dais it would've been characterized as passionate. In U.S. politics, it's all about whose side you're on, Democrat or Republican. It's seldom about principles. Sen. Miller could have chosen to go quietly from his senate office in January, with the approbation of his Democratic colleagues. Instead he placed political capital secondary to principle.

Sen. Kerry as a presidential candidate is out of the question, out of the realm of possibility, in any thinking Christian's view. But then Pres. Bush has demonstrated no respect for the Constitution or for the founding principles of this country either. In his speech last night he states, "I am running with a compassionate conservative philosophy: that government should help people improve their lives, not try to run their lives. If that's compassionate conservatism then I agree wholeheartedly with the latter. It's the former which gives me an ominous sense of government "improving" our lives. When the Constitution states "promote the general welfare", I imagine there to be considerable difference between the general welfare Madison, Hamilton, et al intended and that of Pres. Bush. If government would abide by constitutional limits we'd be much better off.

Which brings me to Mr. Peroutka and the Constitution Party. The Constitution Party, or for that matter all "third parties", are slighted as also-rans. The bifactional political system in this country, in my view, monopolizes the media, the money and the message of politics. Being involved in the telecom business, I remember the breakup of AT&T in 1984. Monopolies were bad for business and the consumers, they said. But when it comes to political parties, it's the third parties which are characterized as bad for "business" and "consumers", sic voters, diverting them into a wasted exercise of their power. I could mention the many Biblical accounts of those who, selected by God for a particular task, were faced with seemingly insurmountable odds and yet they were victorious. The odds are great against Mr. Peroutka. Defeat, at the polls, would seem to be a foregone conclusion. But the principles Mr. Peroutka is running for office on are right and must ultimately prevail if the country is to survive. Should he lose the election, my vote will have served to declare that abortion is wrong and government exists as the behest of the people. Soldiers who fought and died from Valley Forge to Najaf all deserve our fidelity to the purpose and principles for which the land was blessed. All the techno-marketing and slick candidate packaging of the Republicans or Democrats will sway those of lesser virtues. There will be some left standing on immutable principles. I hope to be one.

I know many fellow christians who will vote for Bush. Some, I suspect, know reasons Pres. Bush should not be reelected. In spite of this they will vote for him and thereby give their tacit approval to policies which they wouldn't condone from their local politicians. And most, if I made my intentions known to them, would tell me at some point that I'm wasting my vote. They would try to explain to me that voting for a third party candidate, whom everyone knows won't win, is just making a statement with no effect. And I'll tell them that come November 2nd they'll show me their faith without their works but I will show them my faith by my works.

Wednesday, September 1

Vote Peroutka

I generally don't get involved in online polls, much less publicize them in any way, however I voted in this one and found the nationwide results to be encouraging if you're a Peroutka supporter. Unfortunately, Mr. Peroutka won't be on the Georgia ballot in November. But that won't stop me from writing him in.

In this poll, Mr. Peroutka is sporting more votes nationally than Nader, as noted below. Most of the online polls I've seen don't mention Peroutka. Badnarik isn't mentioned in this one. I agree with Vox's opinion on a lot of points. However, on this turn of presidential candidates, I consider the morality of the abortion issue too important to equivocate. Take a look at this poll and vote.

Nationwide Results
Candidate Votes Percentage
George Bush 126,399 92.2%
John Kerry 6,991 5.1%
Ralph Nader 371 0.3%
Michael Anthony Peroutka 2,800 2.0%
Other 589 0.4%

Babble Blogs

I know the mass readership of this blog, ahem, will be interested in knowing that Babble has been released in beta. Designed to sniff blogs for specified data, Babble can be used to...

" blogs for comments about specific products
and services, locate common phrases used to describe
products, calculate how many people are discussing a
product or service over a given time period, and evaluate
the tone of discussions about a product or service to gauge
how it is being received."

Enchanting, isn't it? Who'da thunk it?

But of course this is a data sniffer for the business sector to do market research. Our trusted government has no interest in such things. There wouldn't be any need for the intelligence agencies to have Babble software, now would they?