Wednesday, June 30

True Lies....

Monday Hillary Lizardlady gave us another example of her "true lies". Now for me and many others this comes as no shock, and it certainly gives no cause for awe, but to declare, "We're going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good" betrays the truth behind her deception. Hillary doesn't go to the lengths of the same linguistic gymnastics as does her husband. She doesn't need to. For those on the left, the meaning of words isn't necessarily found in any lexicon. They can mean what the writer or speaker intends them to mean. To the eye of a plain, sensible reader WITH a dictionary and something better than a government education, however, this statement is unadulterated Marxist Leninism.
This revelation came shortly after I read a piece by Jon Christian Ryter called "Hillary Can't Constitutionally Be Elected President" His point is that the Constitution is gender specific when referring to the office of the presidency. He states, "The President is referred to, by gender (male), a total of 20 times in the Constitution." Since when has the Constitution been an impedance for leftists inflicting "the common good"? So much for Amerika.

Another night in Telcoland..

In telco the days and nights become seamless. Evening callouts run into the daybreak. Working in a field such as telecommunications also keeps one wondering from where one might draw their next paycheck. After a half dozen or so layoffs in the last two years, uncertainty is the operative word. Another DXCS card is replaced, another telcom revenue stream is maintained and the world keeps on communicating.

Tuesday, June 29

First of many...

From the mundane to the ridiculous, perhaps these lines will enlighten, amuse or become simple therapy for the soul. The tree that falls in the forest makes a sound but if no one is around to hear it what then? Thoughts can be made words but with no one to read them what does it matter? We'll see.