Sunday, September 5

Whose Decency?

CBS is about to get fined by the FCC for the Super Bowl Janet Jackson Lingerie show. I know it's probably all just a big mistake. CBS meant for her to do her thing with the other Victoria Secret "football" players. So much for "wardrobe malfunctions".

Curious quote though by CBS responding to the expected fine...

"We would be extremely disappointed," CBS said in a statement issued to the newspaper. "While we regret that the incident occurred, and have apologised to our viewers, we continue to believe that nothing in the Super Bowl broadcast violated indecency laws."
Question: If they're maintaining that no indecency laws were violated, then what are they apologizing for? Oh, I know. It's all a way of saying, "Look, we apologized already, isn't that enough?

Now, I don't like the idea of the government regulating things like broadcast decency. The modern American church, in my opinion, has lost relevance in society due partly to abdicating the role of moral guardian to government. Even though it has lost effectiveness in dealing with issues such as this, it's the proper arena of the church and establishments of faith to keep the standards; to decry the things that are wrong and, if necessary, have such companies like CBS feel the hurt where it counts, in the pocketbook. The Dixie Chicks felt such pain from declining sales and radio play when all it took was one of them wishing Bush wasn't a Texan. Whose discretion or evaluations of decency would we rather trust? Government or the church? And if we sanction government keeping watch over areas of decency standards, why should we be surprised when christians are silenced in the arena of ideas by the same government discretion? CBS fears government intervention because they know government can make CBS feel the pain. The knee-jerk reaction for many christian believers is to force the hand of government to act when it's "we the people" who should be making CBS say "uncle".