Wednesday, September 1

Vote Peroutka

I generally don't get involved in online polls, much less publicize them in any way, however I voted in this one and found the nationwide results to be encouraging if you're a Peroutka supporter. Unfortunately, Mr. Peroutka won't be on the Georgia ballot in November. But that won't stop me from writing him in.

In this poll, Mr. Peroutka is sporting more votes nationally than Nader, as noted below. Most of the online polls I've seen don't mention Peroutka. Badnarik isn't mentioned in this one. I agree with Vox's opinion on a lot of points. However, on this turn of presidential candidates, I consider the morality of the abortion issue too important to equivocate. Take a look at this poll and vote.

Nationwide Results
Candidate Votes Percentage
George Bush 126,399 92.2%
John Kerry 6,991 5.1%
Ralph Nader 371 0.3%
Michael Anthony Peroutka 2,800 2.0%
Other 589 0.4%


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for your comments on IAmJohnGalt, the official blog of The Colonial Federation.
Good to see your favorite book is the Bible.
You might like our lesser-known work, in light of this.
John Galt.
P. S: Good straight Libertarian ticket in Nov...Why doesn't everyone!?

Gregg said...

I did it, looks bad in Texas for pertoutka, but better nationwide.