Saturday, September 11

E-mail Class 103:Bogussity

I see lots of e-mails every day. I believe I've gotten better at skimming for content and reading in depth later when I need to. Every so often there are e-mails that I get, like I'm sure other people get, which just don't "look right".
A particular case in point is a recent "Denzil Washington with Katie Couric Interview" e-mail I received. Now, some of you are probably way ahead of me and thinking, "Got that, dumped it". I know this may not be revelatory to most of you but there are people who read these things and think, "Wow, Denzel's saved or a Republican, or both!"
It's useless to challenge these bogus e-mails head on. It's just that all the phoniness irritates me. It's taken me some time to train and guide others to be discerning enough to pick the urban legends from the real news and ...Baleete. Some of it, however, still gets by.
So for those of you who don't know, here's a little instruction. Note that this is Class 103. I'm assuming that you've taken and successfully completed Class 101 (Knowing what an e-mail is and how it works) and Class 102 (How to send and receive e-mails) given the fact that people receive e-mails from you at all.

Call this "A Lesson in Bogussity" (pronounced Bow-gus'-ity)

1) One has to treat everything on the internet with a critical eye. I do mean everything. Consider the source, even if it comes from your cousin's, best-friends', co-worker who works for the San Antonio police department. I don't care if you were there watching Sandy Berger stuff 10 pounds of papers in his 5 pound sack, verify, verify, verify.
2) Forwards can almost always be discredited. Look for indications of believability. Case in point:Madeline Murray O'hare is dead! Dead, I tell you! So are her putrid kids. She's not conducting any FCC campaign from the grave so there's no need to get upset and send 300 letters to the commissioners pleading with them to let Roma Downey say "God bless you" on Touched By An Angel. As a matter of fact I think the only thing Madeline wants right now is an iced tea, hold the lemon. Unless, of course, she's in the Southern portion of the lake of fire in which case she might like it sweetened, thank you very much.
3) Don't be sucked into believing, much less spreading the revelation, that some celebrity found God, discovered Christianity, become a conservative or whatever, just because an e-mail says so. If it's true even the major media wouldn't hesitate to disseminate what they think would be the noisome story. Some people enjoy propagating half-truths or rumors. Some like the idea of hoodwinking gullible christians into believing stuff like Robin Williams being born again. It's their anal-retentive way of having fun so let them enjoy, just don't get involved.
4) Don't be doing things to a PC just because you got some e-mail from your church friends warning you of a Juggerbear virus characterized by a cute little teddy bear icon. Know that the worst thing that anyone could've given maniacal geeks was the internet to prey, er play, on. If you need someone to work on your PC find someone who knows what to do with e-mails like this, i.e. delete!


Gregg said...

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