Wednesday, September 15

Do as we say don't do as we do

I began to see this coming after the U.S. govt. made its move to strike back at terrorism after 9/11.

U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell, in an interview with Reuters, backed liberal criticism in Russia by saying the changes were "pulling back on some of the democratic reforms".
We institute another layer of government bureaucracy in the Dept. of Homeland Security, add the unconstitutional PATRIOT act and now consider centralizing our intelligence services and that's democracy? The administration and the State Department can expect Israel, Russia and other nations to deal with the issue of terrorism just as we have, militarily and with more government controls. I fail to see why with three million illegals pouring across our borders we won't take care of our own problems.
But Russia's foreign minister said Washington had no right to impose its model of democracy on others.
This is where we've gone wrong in other parts of the world, especially Afghanistan and Iraq. The president, during his last campaign in 2000, made claims that Pres. Clinton's nation building efforts in Somalia and other parts of the world were wrong. I was uncertain of our justification for striking Afghanistan but even more dubious about Iraq. There was no constitutional authority, only government vigilantism after 9/11. Nonetheless, our military moved into Iraq and Afghanistan, drove the Taliban, the Baath party and Saddam Hussein from power. It's time to cut the losses, bring the troops home and let Iraq and Afghanistan sort out their own problems. We've done too much already.